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May 12-2022 Hermans WCC 321_edited.jpg

Wes Carroll Confabulation


The Wes Carroll Confabulation walks the tight-rope, balancing detailed arrangements with the power of spontaneity. Since 2015, they have honed their unique blend: stretching out into a world of hip-hop grooves, soul and electricity while not losing their jazz footing. Their set blends singer-songwriter and instrumental with themes that include social justice, surveillance, mental health, climate change and of course, love songs too. Wes has traveled the world, playing concerts in the EU, the UK, across Canada, and the US. In 2021, he finished a Masters in Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto and has since become faculty at the VCM. While focusing on his own sound he also learns from the greats with side-projects that include “Wes plays Wes” (a tribute to Wes Montgomery), and PIGS: Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute where he performs as Roger Waters. The Confab are currently promoting their third studio album which will be released through Flatcar Records in May of this year.

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