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Guitarist, vocalist, bassist, and songwriter Wes Carroll is dedicated to reaching audiences with his original creations. His writing whisks jazz, pop, and hip hop into a new kind of froth. He is inspired to write music about social justice themes, surveillance, mental health, climate change, and of course, writes love songs too. Wes has travelled the world, playing concerts in the EU, the UK, across Canada, and the US. In 2021, he finished a Masters in Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto and has since become faculty at the VCM. While focusing on his own sound he also learns from the greats with side-projects that include “Wes plays Wes” (a tribute to Wes Montgomery), and PIGS: Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute where he performs as Roger Waters. He has released four albums of original music with another set to be released in May 2024 through Flarcar records.

Associated Acts:
Wes Carroll Confabulation

PIGS: Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute (as Roger Waters)

Grapefruit is Impossible
Gabs and Wes - pop duo with Gabriela Dominguez
Windcruiser - pop covers with Greg Meiklejohn and Steven Taddei.
Greg Meiklejohn and the Baan Baans (originals).
Tia Brazda

Lust Life Duo

Wes Plays Wes: Tribute to Wes Montgomery



Photo by Ross Whelan

Interview with Heather Bambrick's on her show "Jazzology" on Jazz FM (Toronto). Jan 20, 2020.
Features music from "Elephant in the Sea"

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