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Off Empire (released in 2018)

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Off Empire peaked at #4 in !EarShot’s jazz category for national campus and community radio plays.

Album description: Wes Carroll Confabulation’s debut album ‘Off Empire’ is hard to pigeon-hole. It whisks jazz, soul, rock and hip hop into one and then strains them apart to be experienced individually. Tracks range from a sextet to a quartet with former trumpeter of the Buena Vista Social Club, Miguelito Valdes, featured on many. This 65 minute, 11 track collection of all originals is a culmination of three years of performing. Social justice issues reoccur in the vocal and instrumental recordings. These issues include surveillance, low wage work, climate change and inequality. But what is a good record without some love songs? This album has that too. Off  Empire features detailed arranging and collective improvisation where the real magic happens.

Miguelito Valdes - trumpet

Trav Short - upright bass

Cyril Lojda - drums

Dakota Hoeppner - Rhodes/synth

Andrew Greenwood - tenor sax

Wes Carroll - guitar, vocals, songwriting

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